17 Juil 2014

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  1. I really can't stand the new design. The old one was better in every way. This new design makes things difficult to use for those who browse in 'high contrast mode', such as myself.With the old design, you used to be able to see what date a comment was posted. For example, it might say "one year ago", but now this only applies to very recent comments. I'd like to ask, please bring back the comment date/time information, and make it work properly in 'high contrast mode', thanks.

  2. TOP LEÃO:O porco Suinão disse exatamente a mesma coisa 15 dias antes de assinar pelos lampiões. E foi pior: disse-o agarrado a uma camisola do nosso querido Sporting.Se o Veloso disse isto é porque estás prestes a assinar por um rival.

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