9 Sep 2014

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affiche blois final

  1. That’s a knowing answer to a difficult question

  2. Emil: Ja ha ha han har evigt liv. Nä men jag satt med dator, penna, block,, telefon och hela skiten i knät. Slant på tangentbordet eller något. ;0)Daniel, anonym o Peter; Tack själva :0) kul att ni läser.Och tack K för infon där jag hörde ungefär en tiondel av vad hon sa.

  3. David, I’m not sure how well Drew would do as a pilot. But he was a marine. So I figure if he wants to poke fun he’s earned the right. As for the questions having a leftist bent…the administration is always ridiculed. If it was Clinton the questions would likely have had to do with eating or sex. How many american’s think they can eat more hotdogs than President Clinton » How many americans would let their closes female relative work at the white house. etc.

  4. Thanks for your post. In St. Paul, MN, we are lucky to have lots of neighborhood libraries – but have been fighting to keep them open. The prior library director had a vision of big-box ‘destination’ libraries. Your article points out the very reason cities need neighborhood libraries. I’m sharing this with our local network of library lovers!

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